Report 14 : 2012-13


Maintenance of water infrastructure assets - Download the full report


Tabled in Parliament on 4 June 2013


In response to the drought that occurred across Australia from 2001 to 2009, the South East Queensland Water Grid (the grid), Australia’s largest urban water security system, was set up in 2007. The network carries harvested and manufactured water to 2.6 million people across 21 000 square kilometres to guarantee water supply security, regardless of climate change and population growth.


Currently costing $76 million a month, the grid operates bulk water infrastructure assets, such as dams, weirs, water treatment plants, and pipelines as well as the Gold Coast Desalination Plant and the Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme.


This audit examined whether the grid assets are being managed and maintained effectively to contribute to a secure and sustainable water supply, and reviews the systems for long-term water asset maintenance, looking in detail at the cost effectiveness of the two manufactured water assets.