Report 15 : 2012-13


Enforcement and collection of parking fines - Download the full report


Tabled in Parliament on 27 June 2013


Local governments use parking regulations as part of their transport and traffic management strategies to achieve optimal road use, public safety, turnover for traders, accessibility and street amenity. The current trend is for more regulated areas with on street parking and publicly owned off street parking within larger cities.


Parking management, which includes enforcement tools of education, complaints resolution, infringement notices and prosecution, is a sensitive matter as the population grows and traffic congestion increases.


The value of parking fines issued in 2011–12 was less than 1.5 per cent of total revenue for the four councils. While the total cost of enforcing parking regulations exceeds the revenue obtained from fines, this deficit is offset by parking fee revenues at three of the four audited councils.


This audit examined the enforcement and management of parking fines by local governments for equity and efficiency. Four local governments were selected: Brisbane City Council (BCC), Gold Coast City Council (GCCC), Ipswich City Council (ICC) and Townsville City Council (TCC).