Report 3 : 2012-13

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Tabled in Parliament on 27 November 2012.


Queensland’s tourism industry is a major economic driver for the country and the state, attracting more than a third of Australia’s international visitors and a quarter of its domestic visitors. It employs 125 000 people, and in 2009-10 contributed 3.4 per cent to the gross state product. In 2011-12 State Government funding for the tourism portfolio totalled $98.6 million. At both the national and state levels tourism performance is usually assessed in terms of international and domestic; visitor numbers, visitor expenditure, visitor nights and market share.


Following the March 2012 state election, the government replaced the Queensland Tourism Strategy and Tourism Action Plan to 2012 with DestinationQ strategy and reaffirmed the state’s commitment to the National Long-Term Tourism Strategy and 2020 Tourism Industry Potential.


This audit assessed whether Queensland’s tourism development framework effectively meets the government’s growth agenda. It reviewed whether:


  • the strategies and plans are contributing to the growth and development of the tourism industry
  • there was adequate governance to guide the implementation of the tourism framework
  • outputs and outcomes are adequately monitored and reported.