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The Queensland Audit Office is the independent auditor of the Queensland public sector.

Our vision is for better public services for Queenslanders.

Our clients are the parliament and all state and local government public sector entities. We also work with many other stakeholders such as industry bodies, accounting standards boards and academia.

Our main services are financial audits and performance audits. 

Each year through our financial audit program, we form opinions about the reliability of public sector entity financial statements. Our opinions are published in entity annual reports. We also prepare reports based on the results of our financial audits, and these reports are tabled in parliament.

Through our performance audit program, we examine the efficiency and effectiveness of important aspects of public services. From each performance audit, we prepare a report for tabling in parliament that contains our findings, conclusions and recommendations for improving performance. These reports are not just about compliance. We report on 'best practice' ways that entities or local governments can improve performance and on service delivery.

Our services support public sector entities to meet their reporting obligations and improve performance. We provide members of parliament with confidence about the performance and accountability of the public sector. Our insights and advice are independent and valued by our clients.