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Strategic review

The Auditor-General Act 2009 provides the mandate for QAO's role in the Queensland public sector. A key accountability measure contained within the legislation is an independent review of our organisation to be conducted at least every five years. The Governor in Council appoints the independent reviewers from outside our organisation and provides them with the terms of reference. The reviewers then engage with us, our clients, and other key stakeholders to understand how well we are operating and fulfiling our mandate.

The Strategic Review of the Queensland Audit Office 2017 tabled in parliament on 23 March 2017. We welcome the review as an opportunity to have our position and performance independently evaluated. We also look to the review to highlight areas for improvement and, importantly, any strategic issues that need to be addressed. Since our last review in 2010, there was a significant change in our legislation that provided us with a mandate to conduct performance audits. Naturally, the terms of reference for this review focused the reviewers in this area.

We support all of the recommendations made by the 2017 reviewers and will publicly report on their implementation in our annual report.

Strategic Review of the Queensland Audit Office 2017   QAO response

Performance statement

Our Strategic plan includes indicators of achievement that help us identify to what extent we are achieving our strategic objectives. 

Based on these indicators, we develop performance measures and targets. Each year, our key performance measures and targets are published publicly through the state budget process.

Each year we review and refine our performance measures and targets, challenging ourselves to improve the way we engage with our clients and deliver our services. 

We also monitor our progress on an ongoing basis and report on our key performance measures in our annual report.

Financial statements

Our certified financial statements are included in our annual report. Our financial statements provide details of our financial position and performance. This statement reports against the budget and target information contained in our Service Delivery Statement.

Service Delivery Statements

Our Service Delivery Statement describes our role, the services we provide, and details of our financial budget and operational performance measures and targets. It is available through the Queensland Government Budget website under the portfolio for the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

Charge out rates

The Treasurer has approved the following charge out rates for the QAO:

Rate per hour
2018–19 $
Rate per hour
2019–20 $
Deputy/Assistant Auditor-General (SES)230236
Sector Director (SO2/SO3)203209
Director (SO1)196201
Audit Manager (AO8/PO6)188193
Audit Manager (AO7/PO5)169174
Audit Senior (AO6/PO4)156160
Audit Senior (AO5)137140
Auditor (AO4)121124
Auditor (AO3)104106
Auditor (AO2)8992