Responsibility for the management of taxation and royalties within Queensland Treasury rests with the Office of State Revenue. For the 2017–18 financial year, Queensland Treasury recognised revenue of $10.8 billion from taxation and $4.3 billion from royalties.

Revenue from taxation and royalties represents approximately 30 per cent of total revenue for the general government sector and 25 per cent of total revenue for the total state sector (which includes the general government sector). Amounts collected from taxation and royalties can vary from year to year due to external factors that the government cannot directly control.

Taxation revenue includes transfer duties, payroll tax, land tax, and gaming taxes. Royalties are charges for natural resources such as coal, petroleum, and liquefied natural gas extracted and sold by the private sector.

To collect state revenue, the Office of State Revenue uses the principles of behavioural economics to determine the best way to help people comply with their state tax obligations.

Audit Objective

This audit will assess how efficiently and effectively the Queensland Government collects taxes and royalties.

Who we might audit
  • Queensland Treasury.
Parliamentary Committee
Economics and Governance Committee
Audit status
Anticipated tabling: to be advised