In 2008, the Australian Government promoted teaching and learning with the use of technologies through its Digital Education Revolution national partnership agreement. This partnership agreement provided a total of over $2 billion in funding to the Australian states and territories to provide computers and software to all students in school years 9 to 12, deliver digital learning resources, and provide professional development in information and communication technology (ICT) for teachers.

In Queensland, the Department of Education implemented initiatives to support learning with technology. These included ‘bring your own digital device’ to school for learning purposes, computers for teachers, access to ICT courses for students and teachers, digital practice guides, and the creation of ‘the learning place’ (the department’s secure eLearning environment).

It continues to invest in digital technologies that enable seamless access at any time, any place and on any device.

Audit Objective

This audit will examine whether the Department of Education is achieving its objectives in implementing a digital strategy to support learning in a digital world.

Who we might audit
  • Department of Education.
Parliamentary Committee
Education, Employment and Training Committee
Audit status
In progress
Anticipated tabling: Apr–Jun 2021