The quality of infrastructure investment decisions correlates with how successful a project is and how it will have the desired economic and social impact on the state. It is critical for the state government to effectively assess investment decisions to ensure they are sound, will achieve economic benefits and value-for-money, and will ultimately deliver a positive outcome.

Building Queensland was established as an independent statutory body on 3 December 2015 under the Building Queensland Act 2015. Building Queensland’s role is to lead and assist with developing robust business cases and provide infrastructure advisory to government. These functions are critical components of the government’s plans to improve infrastructure planning and the assessment of major infrastructure proposals.

Building Queensland has developed a Business Case Development Framework to assist government agencies with the development of major infrastructure proposals. The guidance supplements the Project Assessment Framework and provides detailed advice on how to develop a robust business case.

Audit Objective

This audit will examine whether Building Queensland is effectively and efficiently leading and/or assisting agencies to deliver robust business cases for major infrastructure projects and providing agencies with expert advice about infrastructure.

Who we might audit
  • Building Queensland
  • Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning
  • Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Department of Education
  • Cross River Rail Authority
  • Queensland Corrective Services.
Parliamentary Committee
State Development, Natural Resources and Agricultural Industry Development Committee
Audit status
5 May 2020