The Queensland Government’s innovation initiative Advance Queensland was launched in July 2015 with initial funding of $180 million and a vision of fostering innovation to create jobs and build a strong and diverse Queensland economy.

Now with funding increased to $755 million in 2018–19, Advance Queensland is aimed at ‘tackling today’s challenges and grasping tomorrow’s opportunities, giving future generations of Queenslanders the skills and education, they need to succeed’.

The program focuses on:

  • boosting entrepreneurial culture by improving access to finance, new business opportunities, and management support for start-ups and small to medium enterprises
  • positioning Queensland as a place for industry to collaborate with entrepreneurs, universities, businesses and government to turn great ideas into commercial products and jobs creation
  • helping make Queensland an investment destination for businesses by building a collaborative environment between research bodies and industry
  • providing opportunities for small businesses to collaborate and build on their innovation and ideas, to help them grow and improve products and services, and compete in a global market
  • reinvigorating science, research and innovation to help create the knowledge-based jobs of the future.
Audit Objective

This audit will assess how effectively the Queensland Government implements its Advance Queensland initiative.

Who we might audit
  • Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development, including the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur
  • Selected public sector entities.
Parliamentary Committee
State Development, Tourism, Innovation and Manufacturing Committee
Audit status
Anticipated tabling: to be advised