The Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population faces considerable disadvantage in health and wellbeing compared to the non-Indigenous population. The Productivity Commission estimates $1.67 billion was spent on indigenous health services in Queensland in 2015–16.

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) committed to closing the gap in indigenous life expectancy by 2033 and halving the gap in mortality rates for indigenous children under five by 2018.

To improve indigenous health care, Queensland Health developed the Making Tracks Investment Strategy 2015–2018 and is now implementing the Making Tracks Investment Strategy 2018–2021. These strategies outline the various initiatives intended to reduce the health gap and focuses on:

  • a healthy and safe start to life
  • reducing risk factors
  • improving living environments
  • earlier diagnosis and treatment
  • cultural competence
  • the community-controlled health sector
  • research, accountability and evaluation.
Audit Objective

This audit will assess whether Queensland Health is reducing the gap in health and wellbeing outcomes for Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Who we might audit
  • Department of Health
  • Selected hospital and health services
  • Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships.
Parliamentary Committee
Health, Communities, Disability Services and Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Committee
Audit status
Anticipated tabling: to be advised