Public patients are referred to specialists from emergency departments or their general practitioner. Hospital and health services develop guidelines, which help the referring doctors decide to whom they will refer patients and to ensure the doctors provide appropriate information.

Long waiting times and inappropriate referrals to specialist medical appointments can contribute to sub-optimal outcomes for patients. As at 1 April 2019, the Department of Health reported 219,158 patients were waiting for a specialist outpatient appointment. Patients waiting longer than clinically recommended periods of time varied between 10 and 50 per cent depending on the specialty.

The Department of Health establishes outpatient waiting times as an important performance measure in their service agreements with the hospital and health services and assigns funding for this initiative. The Queensland health sector has several strategies to address specialist outpatient waiting times, including the Specialist Outpatient Strategy and the Clinical Prioritisation Criteria program (currently being developed).

Audit Objective

This audit will assess the effectiveness of strategies employed to ensure patients receive the most appropriate treatment within the recommended time.

Who we might audit
  • Department of Health
  • Selected hospital and health services.
Parliamentary Committee
Health and Environment Committee
Audit status
Anticipated tabling: to be advised