We host events to raise awareness of current and emerging issues related to audit and financial management, sharing the insights we develop from the work we do.

  • Technical audit update for public sector chief financial officers and finance managers
  • Briefings for public sector audit committee chairs
  • Special events such as performance audit conferences and briefings for parliamentary staff

The presentation packs from our events are uploaded after the event and available on our website at

Briefing for audit committee chairs

Event Date:

Twice yearly, QAO briefs the chairs of public sector audit committees as they have an important role in the public sector governance framework. We share insights from our audit program, provide relevant updates and information, and seek feedback from the committees on their needs.

Invitations for the 8 May 2018 event have been emailed. If your Audit committee chair details have changed or you have any questions about registering for the event, please contact your QAO engagement leader.