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The Queensland Audit Office

The Queensland Audit Office is the independent auditor of the Queensland public sector.

We conduct financial audits to help you meet your reporting obligations and provide parliament and members of the public, with confidence about the reliability of your financial statements. Because we work across the entire public sector, we are able to identify opportunities to apply your good practice into other entities and also identify opportunities where you may improve.

We conduct performance audits to examine the efficiency and effectiveness of public services. Because we consult widely to develop our performance audit program, you can be confident that our audits will focus on perceived areas of concern by your stakeholders. Performance audits provide an opportunity to address these concerns with a constructive, evidence-based approach.

Our challenge is to develop meaningful insights and recommendations for improvement. Your challenge is to implement them. By working effectively together, we hope that the result is better public services for Queenslanders.

Latest Reports

We produce reports that contain the results of our financial audits and performance audits.

Reports on the results of our financial audits provide information beyond the individual audit opinions about the key themes impacting sectors, as well as factors impacting the financial sustainability of the Queensland Government.

Reports on the results of our performance audits focus on topics of importance to Queensland, examining whether government services have been delivered in a way that is efficient, effective and complying with relevant requirements.

These reports are tabled in parliament and are accessible to all members of the public.

Audits in progress

This section is about performance audits that are currently in progress and our reports to parliament on the results of our financial audits.

When delivering a performance audit, it goes through a number of stages—planning, conduct and reporting. During the conduct stage, we welcome information from members of the public which can be made via a submission on the contact us section of our website, or via the table below.  

In addition to the performance audit program, we have a financial audit program that progressively audits the financial statements of over 500 public sector entities each year.

We table reports on the results of these performance and financial audits in parliament and also make them available on the reports to parliament section of this site.

Topic Expected tabling Status

Implementing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The objective of this audit is to assess how effectively the Queensland Government is managing the transition to the NDIS, and how well prepared it is to oversee arrangements, services and outcomes for Queenslanders with a disability post transition to the NDIS.

April–July 2018 Contributions closed Report to be tabled

Managing local government rates and charges

The objective of this audit is to examine whether councils set and administer rates and charges appropriately to support long-term sustainability.

April–July 2018 Contributions closed Report to be tabled

Monitoring and managing information and communication technology (ICT) programs

The objective of this audit is to assess whether the ICT dashboard is a reliable source of information, and whether the Queensland Government has effective processes to monitor, manage and enable successful delivery of ICT program and project outcomes.

April–July 2018 Contribute now

Delivery of shared services in Queensland

The objective of this audit is to assess whether the Queensland Government's shared service functions are delivering value for money now, and are well positioned to successfully deliver into the future.

April–July 2018 Contribute now

Follow-up of Report 20: 2014–15 Managing water quality in the Great Barrier Reef catchments

The objective of the follow-up audit is to assess whether departments have effectively implemented the recommendations made in Report 20: 2014–15 Managing water quality in the Great Barrier Reef catchments.

April–July 2018 Contribute now

Digitising public hospitals

The objective of this audit is to examine how well Queensland Health has planned and is delivering its digital hospitals program, and whether it is realising the intended information sharing and patient benefits.  

July–September 2018 Contribute now

Coronial services

The objective of this audit is to assess whether agencies are effective and efficient in supporting the coroner to investigate and help prevent deaths.

July–September 2018 Contribute now

Market-led proposals

The objective of this audit is to determine the extent that the Market-Led Proposal initiative is meeting its objective to create jobs and stimulate the economy.

July–September 2018 Contribute now

How efficient and effective are Queensland's forensic services

The objective of this audit is to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of Queensland's forensic services.

October–December 2018 Contribute now