Recruitment processes


All job vacancies at QAO are advertised on the Queensland Government SmartJobs website. We also advertise through Seek, CareerOne and other industry publications or job boards. Every role that is advertised will contain information on the role’s key responsibilities, required skills, remuneration and employment type e.g. permanent, temporary, full-time or part-time.

The best way to find out about roles being advertised is to subscribe to My SmartJob alerts.


Our process to fill our vacant positions is as follows:


  • Vacancy advertised – when we advertise our vacancies you will have access to a role description, that will list the key responsibilities and skills, the competencies and assessment to do the job and contact person for additional enquiries.  All applications should be submitted online through the Smartjobs portal.

  • Applications received – Applications will usually involve supplying us with your résumé and a statement addressing the competencies/assessment criteria, you may also consider supplying a cover letter.  All applications should be submitted by the closing date.  Late applications may be considered at the discretion of the selection panel.  The interview panel will review the applications received and determine a shortlist of who will be invited to move forward through the recruitment process.

  • Selection Process – This may include a range of activities such as interview, assessment centres and work tests.  The interviews conducted will be based on the Publlic Service Commissions Capability and Leadership Framework (CLF) and the Lominger® competency framework where questions are behavioural based – “tell me about a time you…”.  The selection panel is made up of two or more members and that can be from internal work areas in QAO or from other external public or private sector agencies/departments.  It is usual for interviews to be conducted with a panel of two or more interviewers.  You will also have a scribe attending your interview to take detailed notes. 

  • Approval process – A report detailing our selection will be forwarded to the delegated authority for approval at the end of the selection process. 

  • Offer of employment – The successful applicant will be notified of the outcome and a letter of employment sent to them. 

  • Unsuccessful notified – All unsuccessful applicants will be notified by letter with a phone call made to those unsuccessful interviewed applicants.  Feedback is offered and made available to all applicants.  The contact for this process is outlined in the unsuccessful letter. 


QAO strives to conduct recruitment processes as efficiently as possible however the length of a selection process is dependant on the availability of panel members.


We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to selecting employees on merit.  Please note that applications for permanent positions cannot be accepted from overseas residents who do not fulfil the Australian residency and/or citizenship requirements at the time of application, unless specifically stated in the role description.

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