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The prior issues of Insights (below) explore issues relating to audit and financial management.


Insights Newsletter December 2015

Edition Date:

The second edition of Insights provides an update on accounting and audit standards as well as information on data analytics at QAO. It also provides the wider learnings from our recently tabled reports to parliament, plus includes a number of key people profiles at QAO.

Insights Newsletter September 2015

Edition Date:

Our first edition of Insights provides advice on asset valuations and improving financial reporting. It also presents an update on residual value and standards, along with some wider learnings from our first report to parliament for the year.

Insights Newsletter March 2015

Edition Date:

In this practice note for public sector agencies, we provide an overview of the main areas of change faced by agencies in implementing machinery of government (MoG) changes.

Insights Newsletter March 2015 - Audit and risk committee series

Edition Date:

In this practice note we focus on how audit committee members can help public sector agencies improve their financial and non-financial performance reporting.

Insights Newsletter May 2014

Edition Date:

In this practice note for Members of Parliament we provide an overview of the Auditor-General's role and services.