Corporate image of Alannah Woodfield

What do you enjoy most about the job so far?

The part of the job I enjoy most is being able to work with many different audit teams. And having the opportunity to learn on the job with all the support I need. I really enjoy being able to work on a range of projects and different clients, it makes each day different and interesting.

I can definitely see how my role contributes towards better public services in Queensland and I find it so fulfilling knowing that I am having an impact.

What type of work are have you been doing?

I have been working on multiple government departments, a university, and an assurance report on a service organisation. Each day is quite different; from meeting with clients at their workplaces or via Teams, to participating in the Queensland Audit Office’s (QAO) graduate forums and training sessions. QAO allows you to never have 2 days the same, which I absolutely love.

One highlight has been working on the audit for Queensland Shared Services (QSS). QSS is a service organisation which delivers finance, procurement, HR, telecommunications, and mail support to many departments and other government entities. The reports I help prepare are then used by other audit teams within QAO, which gives them assurance for their audits. I find it very fulfilling to know I am having an impact and assisting on numerous audits across the organisation.

What were your first impressions of QAO?

On my first day in the office, I had mixed feelings, being very excited but nervous about my new opportunity. However, the graduate induction week was perfect for getting acquainted with the office and job, and we received great training which set me up for success.

I got to meet so many people including my ‘buddy’ (each graduate is assigned one), my manager and even the Auditor-General who all made me feel so welcome and invited me warmly into the office. As I had relocated from North Queensland to Brisbane for the graduate program, I was provided with all the support I needed to make the adjustment to a new city easy.

Would you recommend working at QAO, and why?

I absolutely love working at QAO – the people and culture are amazing. Everyone around the office is super friendly and willing to have a chat.

QAO cares about both your career progression and enhancing your auditing skills, and the graduate program provides the tailored training and mentoring you need to succeed.

I would recommend any graduate who is wanting to make a difference in the public sector to consider applying at QAO. The audits you contribute to help improve the services our local communities rely on. The office is a great space to work in, with all the facilities you need to work productively, and collaborate successfully with your team.

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to a new grad about starting at QAO?

Ask as many questions as possible (no question is a silly question!), and make sure you use the support network that’s available. Everyone is approachable, and you can ask your buddy, manager, or anyone in the office for help and they will be more than happy to. Attend all the social events as they are an excellent way to meet other staff members that you may not have worked with before and they are always fun!

Any tips for future candidates on the recruitment process?

Make sure to be yourself and try to enjoy your experience at the assessment centre. Remember that the interview is not used to intimidate you, but rather to let QAO learn about you and how you will be a great fit for our team. Don’t be nervous and give it your best shot. Even if you don’t have a background in auditing, don’t let it discourage you from applying for the graduate program. QAO embraces diversity and individuals with different backgrounds to provide new perspectives for the office