We make recommendations to state and local government entities to support better delivery of public services and make a difference to the lives of Queenslanders. Knowing how entities are progressing in implementing our recommendations gives us, parliament, our clients, and the wider community important information.

Each year, we ask entities to self-assess their progress in implementing the performance audit recommendations we make in our reports to parliament. Our report on the status of Auditor-General's recommendations summarises these self-assessments, and shares insights on the areas that entities are finding the most challenging. Our 2021 report is the first of what will be an annual report to parliament. Further detail is in our fact sheet.


Interactive dashboard

Our interactive dashboard allows you to explore entities’ self-assessed progress. You can tailor your search by year, report, entity, parliamentary committee, and implementation status. It reflects entities’ responses for the period in which they completed their self-assessments.

View the dashboard


Screenshot of 'Summary of recommendations' section of the dashboard
'Explore all recommendations' section of the dashboard