The Queensland Audit Office is the independent auditor of the Queensland public sector. 

The Auditor-General Act 2009 provides us with our audit mandate and requires us to publish our audit standards, a list of any audit exemptions, and the topics in our 3-year performance audit program.

Each year we deliver our financial audit and performance audit programs.

Our financial audit program progressively audits the financial statements of hundreds of public sector entities and is paid for by the entities we audit.

Our performance audit program varies year-to-year, examining topics of importance to Queensland and is paid for by funding from parliament.

We report our audit findings and matters for attention to our clients during the course of an audit.

We invite members of the public to contribute to our audit program in a number of ways. They can suggest new performance audit topics, contribute information to a current performance audit, or raise an issue about financial waste or mismanagement of public resources. Where we identify significant issues, if necessary, they are also reported to the appropriate minister.

We also produce reports on the results of our audits. These reports are tabled in parliament.