We prepare interactive dashboards for some of our reports to parliament to illustrate the insights we collect from our work. Our latest dashboards allow you to search and compare entities to explore their financial performance and other interesting information. Search your address, click the map, or select a region.

We have also published an interactive Queensland dashboard that brings together important information about the services and finances of Queensland’s state and local government entities.

Interactive dashboard capture

Status of Auditor-General's recommendations

Explore entities’ self-assessed progress implementing QAO's recommendations in the Status of Auditor-General's recommendations dashboard and report to parliament 2021 status of Auditor-General's recommendations


Screenshot of the Understanding your dams dashboard

Understanding your dams

Understand dam information for your area in our dashboard and report to parliament Regulating dam safety.

Screenshot of our dashboard Hospital and health services 2020

Hospital and health services

Explore your hospital and health services in the 2021 dashboard and report to parliament Health 2021.

View the previous years here: 2019 and 2020.

Screenshot of our dashboard Energy 2020


Explore your energy entities in the 2021 dashboard and report to parliament Energy 2021.

View the previous year here: 2020

Screenshot of water dashboard


Explore your water entities in the 2021 dashboard and report to parliament Water 2021.

View the previous year here: 2020

Screenshot of our dashboard Education 2020


Explore your education entities in the 2020 dashboard and reports to parliament Education 2020, Enabling digital learning.

View the previous year here: 2019.

Screenshot of our dashboard Local government 2020

Local government

Explore your council in the 2020 dashboard and report to parliament Local government 2020.

View the previous years here: 2019 and 2018.

Screenshot of our dashboard Understanding sports grants

Understanding sports grants

Understand sports grants data for your area in our dashboard and report to parliament Awarding of sports grants.


Overview of QAO's local government financial information dashboard

Here's a two-minute video explainer of our local government dashboard.