Under s.30A of the Auditor-General Act 2009, a public sector entity may be exempt from audit. 

This will only occur if the Auditor-General is reasonably satisfied that the audit is small in size and low in risk. The criteria applied by the Auditor-General in making this assessment is included in the Auditor-General of Queensland Auditing Standards.

An entity may be granted an exemption from audit by the Auditor-General for a maximum of three financial years. However, a further exemption may be granted at the expiry of that three-year period.

If an exemption is granted, an appropriately qualified person must be engaged to audit the entity for that period. The Auditor-General has the right to repeal an exemption granted under s.30A.

Exemption has currently been granted for the following entities: 

  • Central Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils
  • Drive Inland Promotions Association Inc.
  • Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils
  • Greater Whitsunday Council of Mayors (previously Whitsunday ROC Limited)
  • Gulf Savannah Development Inc.
  • Mt Gravatt Showgrounds Trust
  • North West Queensland Regional Organisation of Council
  • Regional Queensland Council of Mayors Inc.
  • South West Regional Development Association Inc.
  • Surveyors Board of Queensland
  • The Board of Trustees of Newstead House
  • Torres Cape Indigenous Council Alliance (TCICA) Inc.
  • Wide Bay Burnett Regional Organisation of Councils Inc.