The Queensland Audit Office greatly values its relationship with elected members and we aim to ensure they benefit from the assurance services and insights we provide.

In addition to our reports to parliament, we support parliament in a number of ways, including by briefing new members and parliamentary committees, and meeting with councillors, ministers and other members of parliament throughout the year. 

Below are some useful materials about our role and how we engage.



Queensland Audit Office overview for local government PDF 

Members of parliament

Queensland Audit Office overview for members of parliament PDF

Requests for audits

We welcome requests for audits from the public, elected representatives, entity management, and other integrity offices. To ensure transparency, we publish summaries of the requests we receive from members of state parliament (MPs) and  councillors on our website.View current requests

You can find more information on this process in our requests for audits fact sheet. You are welcome to submit a request for audit via the contact us section of our website:

The topics we plan on auditing can be found in our forward work plan on our audit program page.


QAO insights

Interactive data visualisations

We prepare dashboards for some of our reports to parliament to illustrate the insights we collect from our work.

Our Status of Auditor-General's recommendations dashboard allows you to explore entities’ self-assessed progress in implementing the recommendations we make in our reports to parliament. Our QAO Queensland dashboard brings together important information about the services and finances of Queensland’s state and local government entities.

View our QAO Queensland dashboard

View our Status of Auditor-General's recommendations dashboard

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Through our blog, we provide timely insights, advice, and technical information – below is a selection. We also offer fact sheets that explain our work. One example that may be of interest is: How we prepare our reports to parliament

tree and fence at sunset
Keep fraud risks front and centre in 2024
Image of narrow path at sunrise
Risk management – where do we start?


misty fog tropical rainforest jungle with sunlight beaming through in Lamington National Park Queensland
How do leaders support strategic asset management?
Board room table with pen and water glass
Local government audit committees—getting the right membership


Image of Brisbane's Storey Bridge at sunset
Understanding general purpose
financial statements
cyber security key in lock
Increasing concerns around cyber security risks


Desk with books
Managing contract costs to minimise risk
the importance of timely release of financial information
The importance of timely release of financial information 


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Better practice guides

We offer a range of resources such as guides, checklists and self-assessment tools for our clients.

People gathered at sunset on Tambourine Mountain
Financial statement preparation maturity model self-assessment tool
car moving in rural Queensland
Local government procure-to-pay model


Risk management maturity model
Risk management maturity model
Grant management maturity model
Grant management maturity model


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