We produce fact sheets to share our insights and explain our role. 

This document outlines out forward work plan, including how we identify and select audit topics, prepare and communicate our 3-year plan, and share the results of our audit work. 

This document outlines our new assessment tools for internal controls, which we are rolling out from 2021–22. The assessment tools are scalable to an entity's size and complexity, are principle-based, and help identify where an entity has opportunities to improve the efficiency and/or effectiveness of its controls. 

This document provides guidance for financial reporting areas that may be impacted by COVID-19, including cash flow management and going concern; recoverability of receivables; valuation of property, plant and equipment; fair value of financial assets and liabilities; rent concessions; increased disclosures; contingent liabilities and guarantees; events after reporting date; and other accounting standards.

This document explains QAO's process for addressing complaints that our clients or stakeholders may make about us as an entity or our workforce.

This document explains QAO's process for conducting performance audits, including an overview of our audit method, communication with entities, reporting to parliament, and what happens after the performance audit.