Our work across Queensland’s public sector and local government entities gives us a wealth of insights.

Over the years, we have provided advice and recommendations to entities on cyber risk and security through our reports to parliament, better practice guidance, blogs, and events.

Podcast Cyber risk: what do we do now?

Listen in as 2 of our senior directors and the Queensland Government's Cyber Security Unit chat about what chief executives need to consider, including risk management, controls, and what to do if you experience a cyber attack. We share some interesting findings and important recommendations from our recent report Responding to and recovering from cyber attacks.

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New better practice guides

Our Cyber response and recovery governance checklist provides key questions that those charged with governance should consider with respect to their entity’s cyber security incident response and recovery. 

Cyber response and recovery governance checklist 

And entities can use our Role capability checklist for cyber attack response and recovery as a prompt to think about where they do or do not hold relevant capabilities across their people, processes, or through technology, note when they were last tested, and address any gaps. 

Role capability checklist for cyber attack response and recovery


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