Forensic services play a critical role in criminal investigations. Police, prosecutors, and the courts rely on forensic services to help them identify, exonerate, prosecute, and convict people suspected of committing crimes.

In our previous audit we assessed whether agencies deliver forensic services efficiently and effectively to support criminal investigations and prosecutions. Part of our audit focused on the delivery of forensic medical examinations. In the report we recommended that the Department of Health continues to develop and deliver reforms to forensic medical
examinations to improve services to victims.

In the Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce’s report Hear her voice (Report 2), the taskforce recommended that the Queensland Audit Office follow up the recommendations from our original report. This recommendation was made in the context of the Taskforce’s findings about the delivery of forensic medical examinations to victims of sexual assault.

Audit Objective

This follow-on audit will assess whether Queensland Health has effectively planned and progressed implementing all recommendations and Ministerial directives to improve the delivery of forensic medical examinations to victims.

Who we might audit

• Queensland Health
• selected Hospital and Health Services. 

Area of focus
Healthy and safe Queenslanders
Parliamentary Committee
Health, Environment and Agriculture Committee
In progress
Anticipated tabling: Jul–Sep 2024
Contributions closed