Offending by young people can stem from a range of complex social problems such as family dysfunction, poor educational outcomes, unemployment, and substance abuse. Addressing the root causes of offending can help young people better connect with their communities and reduce the risk of them committing future crimes.

The Queensland Government has committed to reduce young offender recidivism by five per cent by 2020–21. This commitment is part of its Keeping Communities Safe priority in its Our Future State: Advancing Queensland’s Priorities plan.

The Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women is responsible for youth justice. It, the Queensland Police Service and the Department of Justice and Attorney-General have a range of programs and initiatives intended to divert young offenders from the justice system and help them to avoid the risk of reoffending.

Audit Objective

This audit will examine the effectiveness of youth justice diversion and rehabilitation initiatives to support young people in better connecting with the community and reducing their risk of reoffending.

Who we might audit
  • Queensland Police Service
  • Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women
  • Department of Justice and Attorney-General
  • Department of Youth Justice.
Parliamentary Committee
Legal Affairs and Safety Committee
Audit status
Anticipated tabling: to be advised