Culture is an integral part of any entity. A good culture can drive success. A poor culture can lead to failure. To balance serving government and the community, the public sector requires a culture that demonstrates a commitment to performance and ethical behaviour. 

Professor Coaldrake’s report, Let the sunshine in, highlighted several issues about the culture of Queensland’s public sector. This included a culture tolerant of bullying and a lack of transparency about government decisions and performance.

On 12 March 2024, the Premier launched the Even better public sector for Queensland strategy 2024–28. The strategy is supported by an action plan for 2024 and 2025.

Audit Objective

This audit will assess whether the culture of selected public sector entities, promotes:

  • a culture of integrity, and ethical behaviour and decision-making
  •  a culture of continuous improvement.

This audit will also assess the government’s progress in implementing recommendations and
addressing findings from Professor Coaldrake’s review.

Who we might audit
  • Public Sector Commission
  • selected public sector entities.
Area of focus
Governance of government
Parliamentary Committee
Cost of Living and Economics Committee
Anticipated tabling: to be advised