Cyber security risk is one of the top 3 threats to businesses. The cost of cyber security breaches can be significant, in addition to loss of trust and reputation.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre reported that ransomware attack is the most significant threat facing Australian businesses and governments. They cost the Australian economy up to $2.59 billion annually.

Audit Objective

This audit will examine how effectively the Queensland Government:

  • identifies third parties who have access to the Queensland Government’s data and network
  • assesses the security vulnerabilities the government is exposed to through third parties
  • establishes relevant controls to manage third party cyber security risks
  • minimises the impact of third party security breaches.
Who we might audit
  • Department of Transport and Main Roads (as the department responsible for Digital Services)
  • selected public sector entities.
Area of focus
Technology risk and opportunities
Parliamentary Committee
Clean Economy Jobs, Resources and Transport Committee
Anticipated tabling: to be advised