Queensland Audit Office

We sometimes assess how effective entities are in monitoring and managing major projects and programs. For example, we may look at how effective an entity is in monitoring progress, and managing situations when things don’t go to plan.

Some points you should consider when monitoring and managing programs or projects are outlined below.

How are project/program decisions made?

  • Is there enough data to facilitate timely decision-making?
  • Are accountabilities and responsibilities for the project or program team clear? For example, who can make what decision?
  • Do project/program managers provide enough information to those charged with governance so that informed decisions can be made?

What is the quality of project/program information and data?

  • Is the data you’re using to monitor the project or program complete and accurate?
  • Does it provide the relevant information needed for effective monitoring?

Who is managing the project or program and how is it being managed?

  • Does the team have the right people and skills to deliver the project/program effectively?  
  • Does the team use information from other similar projects/programs or gate reviews, so they can learn from mistakes and best practice?

How do you assure delivery?

  • How do those charged with governance obtain assurance that the project or program is delivering the agreed quality and quantity of deliverables at the agreed time?
  • Does the project or program plan include assurances at critical points for deciding if the next tranche/phase is ready to implement?

A key tip for increasing the success rate of projects and programs is to use information available through whole‑of‑government assurance policies and processes. For example, when undertaking ICT enabled initiatives, the Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture policy is a helpful resource for guiding a structured, effective and consistent approach for project and program assurance.  

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