Queensland Audit Office

Via our performance audit program, we examine the efficiency, effectiveness, economy and legislative compliance of important aspects of public service delivery.

Our performance audit topics are wide-ranging.

We look at challenges facing the public sector across all sectors and industries; from social housing, to teacher supply, police resources, asset management in local government, and more. We focus on matters that are important to, and for, Queenslanders.

Each year, we publish a three-year plan of the audits we’re planning on undertaking. Our new plan, Strategic Audit Plan 2019–22, is out now. You can read it on our website.

Below is a snapshot of the planned topics for financial year 2019–20. Visit our website to see the topics for all three years, plus a description of each and who we might audit. On our website you can also view the status of each audit and contribute to an audit in progress.

Proposed performance audit topics for financial year 2019–20:

  • Addressing mine dust lung disease*
  • Delivering social housing and housing services
  • Evaluating major infrastructure projects*
  • Effectiveness of audit committees in state government entities
  • Investing in vocational education and training*
  • Managing coal seam gas activities*
  • Managing the cost of local government services*
  • Planning for sustainable health services in Queensland*
  • Queensland family support and child protection system*
  • Regulating builder registration.
*Note: Audits have commenced, and reports will table in 2019–20.

QAO is required under its mandate (Auditor-General Act 2009) to publish its strategic audit plan before 30 June each year. Moving forward, we will now publish our plan by December of each calendar year to give entities more notice and time to prepare for an upcoming audit.

For those entities that will be part of a performance audit, here’s a prior blog post by QAO on how to best prepare. If you are on the plan, QAO audit leads will be in touch soon.

Each of our performance audits result in a report to parliament that contains our findings, conclusions and recommendations for improving performance. It is important to note that we’re not just about compliance. We often report on ‘best practice’ ways that public sector entities or local governments can improve performance. You can see our latest tabled reports on our website here.

We welcome, and value, your input into our work. You’re invited to submit suggestions for potential performance audit topics for future plans, and to contribute to any of our audits that are currently in progress. You can submit your ideas on our website:

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