Over time, the Queensland Audit Office (QAO) has shifted its profile of employees to become a more diverse organisation that recognises the unique experiences many bring to our team. We’re proud to work for an organisation that recognises skill and ability when building our workforce.

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We consistently have more than a quarter of our workforce identifying as being from a non-English speaking background.


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Women represent more than half of QAO, including equal representation across our staffing levels and one third of our executive management group.


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QAO’s progressive and widespread use of flexible working arrangements continues to support those staff with significant commitments outside of the working day.


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We also represent a wide range of age demographics. Our 190 full-time employees are from age groups spanning five decades, ranging from under 25 to 60–64 years of age.


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We invest in our workforce, with more than 60 hours of professional development per person in 201920. We provide mentors for our graduates and give our employees opportunities to attain CPA and CA recognised professional development hours.

At QAO, we respect and appreciate the immense value that our employees’ different backgrounds, experiences, and talents bring to our workforce.

Just as an example, a couple of the ways we see this diversity play out is when communicating with people who speak a language other than English. During audits of entities with an overseas office (for example Trade and Investment Queensland), we can benefit from the language skills of some of our employees when reading audit documents in the local language. Their skills help the team to perform the audit more efficiently and cost effectively. Staff with language skills have also presented to visiting delegations from overseas audit offices, to aid with the engagement and answer questions.

We stand by our principles to operate in a non-discriminatory environment, with all employees celebrated for who they are and their contribution to our organisation. This is reflected in our value of respect, which is more than a tag line: we appreciate and care for each other, share our knowledge and skills, and recognise achievement.

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