Queensland Audit Office

Each year, we publish a three-year plan containing our proposed audit topics.

We’re starting to prepare our next plan—Strategic Audit Plan 2019-22.

When selecting our performance audit topics, we focus our efforts where we can maximise the value our work will provide the public sector, parliament and the community.

What areas of public sector or local government service delivery would you like us to examine?

We welcome suggestions for future performance audit topics from the public sector, local governments, parliament, industry bodies, community groups and the wider public. You can make your suggestions online at our website: Your contribution can be made confidentially.

Performance audits establish whether a public sector entity is achieving its objectives economically, efficiently and effectively, and in compliance with relevant laws. These audits result in reports to parliament.

Our audit topics are varied and span all sectors that have responsibility for delivering public services. Some topics we recently tabled reports to parliament on include: digiting public hospitals, conserving threatened species, bushfire prevention and preparedness, and many more.

We will publish Strategic Audit Plan 2019-22 around April 2019. As per our mandate—Auditor-General Act 2009—we’re required to publish our audit program by 30 June each year.

You can read our current plan—Strategic Audit Plan 2018-21—on our website: You can also find all our tabled reports to parliament at:

Keep us informed on what matters to you.