Report 9: 2016–17
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With the rising demand for health services, Queensland’s 16 Hospital and Health Services are looking for ways to increase capacity in public hospitals and reduce costs while also improving the quality of care.

The Queensland health supply chain comprises a wide range of services and uses a significant amount of resources. The Department of Health and Hospital and Health Services work as a system to deliver health services to Queenslanders. The Department of Health is responsible for the overall management of the public health system in Queensland. Hospital and Health Services are statutory bodies governed by Hospital and Health Boards. These boards are responsible for the operations of each of the Hospital and Health Services. Each board is accountable to the Minister for Health and the Minister for Ambulance Services.

This report summarises our financial audit results of the 16 Hospital and Health Services that provide health services across the metropolitan, regional, and rural areas of Queensland.

The results of all other health sector entities, including the Department of Health and other health sector statutory bodies, are included in our report Queensland state government: 2015–16 results of financial audits (Report 8: 2016–17).