Our audit topics are wide-ranging and cover challenges facing the public sector across all aspects of government service delivery. When selecting our topics, we focus on matters that are important to, and for, Queenslanders.

Our new audit program—Strategic Audit Plan 2020–23—is out now. It outlines the performance audits we plan on undertaking over the next three years. These audits provide independent assurance that government programs are delivering on their objectives efficiently, effectively, economically, and in accordance with relevant legislation. We identify and share our insights on ways to deliver better public services widely with our clients and stakeholders.

Below is a snapshot of the planned topics for the 2020–21 financial year. Visit our website to see the topics for all three years, including a description of each, who we might audit, and audit progress.

Proposed performance audit topics for 2020–21:

  • Asset management in local government
  • Collecting state revenue
  • Local government development applications and approvals
  • Managing teacher supply
  • Health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Delivering guardianship services
  • Managing tourism and sustainability of Queensland’s World Heritage sites
  • Regulating firearms
  • Managing dam safety.

Under our mandate (Auditor-General Act 2009), QAO must publish its strategic audit plan before 30 June each year. Moving forward, we’re now publishing our plan by December of each calendar year to give the entities we’re likely to audit more notice and time to prepare.

For those entities likely to be part of a performance audit, here’s a prior blog post by QAO on how to best prepare.

We welcome, and value, your input into our work. You are invited to submit suggestions for potential performance audit topics for future plans, and to contribute to any of our audits that are currently in progress. You can submit your ideas on our website:

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