The Queensland Audit Office (QAO) welcomes information on public sector performance and requests for audits from our clients, parliament and the wider Queensland public.

To increase transparency, QAO will soon start publishing summaries of the requests we receive from members of state parliament (MPs) and Queensland councillors on our website. We will share information with you on who submitted the request, when we received it, and if and why we are conducting an audit in response.

The information we receive from our stakeholders is a valuable input to our audit work. We carefully consider all of the information and requests we receive. Generally, we focus our work on the areas where we can strengthen and improve public sector performance and service delivery.

Often, the information we receive is already being discussed in parliament or council, in the media or across the community. Thus, we want to share more information on what requests we receive from elected members, and what actions we are taking in response to the requests sooner. This approach is also taken by other audit offices throughout Australia.

As per the confidentiality provisions of our legislation (Auditor-General Act 2009), we can only make public the results of our audits in a report to parliament. While not all audits lead to, or are significant enough, to be reported to parliament, we will report back to the public sector entity directly on our recommendations for improvement. Sharing our unique insights with entities is how we can best work together to deliver better public services.

Our fact sheet also outlines the types of requests we audit and provides more detail on our process.

We are aiming to publish our new webpage on requests for audits in November 2020.