Published: July 2022
Sector: State and local government entities

Grants management practices must have effective internal controls to achieve maximum benefit from the grants awarded. These practices should ensure entities are accountable, transparent, and neutral in decision-making, while achieving value for money.

Our grant management maturity model enables entities to self-assess their grant management practices, and identify the strengths and resultant opportunities for improvement in their programs.

We most recently used the model in our report Improving grants management (Report 2: 2022–23), where we assessed the maturity of 8 grant programs at 5 departments. In our report, we recommend all departments use this model to self-assess their grant programs.

We also provide an interactive data dashboard called Understanding grants where you can explore information on grants, compare councils and funding agencies, and access interesting information relevant to the local context.

Our report to parliament on Awarding of sports grants (Report 6: 2020–21) focuses on whether the awarding of sports grants was in accordance with documented processes that were appropriate and resulted in the impartial awarding of grants.