As of this financial year, we are now presenting our reports digitally on our website. They are easily navigated and accessible.

We have also made some changes to content, to help our clients understand and act on the reports. Keep an eye out for some of the new report elements outlined below. 

Our new interactive and online reports

Report on a page—Each report covering the government sectors now includes a single page summary. This ‘report on a page’ aims to be an easy to read overview, suitable for a reader who wants a quick snapshot without having to know technical details about the sector. It can also be used by chief financial officers to provide information to their audit committee. 

Actions for entities—In our government sector reports, we have outlined areas of focus and advice that each entity in the sector can consider. These are not formal recommendations; they are consider points based on our insights across all entities in the sector. They may be areas of identified risk or where we see improvements can be made. 

Extra information—Keep a look out too for data visualisations and fact sheets accompanying our reports.  We have published our first data visualisation—2018 Local government financial information dashboard—with the performance audit report, Managing the sustainability of local government services. The visualisation brings together all the financial results and sustainability metrics for 2018 for Queensland’s local governments. A work in progress is our health sector visualisation tool, which is due to be published for 2019 results before Christmas. Watch this space.

We love receiving any feedback to make our reports better for our readers. Please send any feedback to

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Via our performance audit program, we examine the efficiency, effectiveness, economy and legislative compliance of important aspects of public service delivery.