The Queensland Government supports public sector integrity and accountability through the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 (PID Act).

The PID Act encourages the disclosure of information about wrongdoing in the public sector or about a danger to a person with a disability or to the environment. And it can provide protections for those who make disclosures.

For a disclosure to be considered a public interest disclosure under the PID Act it must be:

  • public interest information about serious wrongdoing or danger
  • an appropriate disclosure
  • made to a proper authority.

Disclosures serve the public interest by helping public sector organisations to identify and respond to wrongdoing or danger.

More detailed information is available from the Queensland Ombudsman’s public interest disclosures page.

Public interest disclosures can be:

  • received via our website, by email, by post or in person (see ‘How do I make a disclosure?’)
  • made directly to the Queensland Auditor-General
  • referred to us from another public sector entity
  • referred by us to other agencies, as the proper authority, for investigation.