Published: July 2023
Sector: Local government

Having strong procurement processes is crucial to ensure that public monies are wisely spent. Achieving value for money is part of the sound contracting principles that all councils must follow under the Local Government Act 2009.

Our maturity model for councils further supplements our annual internal controls assessments. Councils should use the model to identify their desired level of maturity for their procurement and contract management processes, and compare to the level that best represents their current practices. This assessment will help them identify and implement practical improvement opportunities.

We most recently used the model in our Local government 2022 report to parliament (Report 15: 2022–23), where we assessed maturity at 5 councils. In our report, we recommend that all councils self-assess against this model.

See our interactive data dashboard for local government where you can find your local council to explore its financial audit data and compare to other councils.