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You can contribute to audits in Queensland by:

When suggesting new topics or raising issues, they need to relate to public sector entities or money being spent on public services.

Any contribution can be made confidentially and is protected by legislation. Your personal information is protected by the Information Privacy Act 2009 and the content within your submission will only be disclosed to other agencies for the purposes defined under section 53 of the Auditor-General Act 2009. 

Any personal details that you choose to provide will not be given to any other organisations or agencies.


Topic Expected tabling Status

How efficient and effective are Queensland's forensic services

The objective of this audit is to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of Queensland's forensic services.

January–March 2019 Contribute now

Managing consumer food safety in Queensland

The objective of this audit is to examine whether food safety is effectively managed for consumers of food in Queensland.

January–March 2019 Contribute now

Follow-up of Maintenance of public schools (Report 11: 2014-15) and Oversight of recurrent grants to non-state schools (Report 12: 2014-15).

This audit will follow up on whether entities have actioned the recommendations made in our original reports to parliament and if the entities have addressed the underlying issues which led to these recommendations.

January-April 2019 Contribute now

Follow-up of Managing child safety information

The objective of this follow-up audit is to assess whether the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women has effectively implemented the recommendations made in Report 17: 2014–15 Managing child safety information.

April - June 2019 Contribute now

Investing in vocational education and training

The objective of the audit is to examine whether the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training is achieving successful learning and employment outcomes through its public and private vocational education and training providers.

April - June 2019 Contribute now

Managing cyber security risks

The objective of this audit is to assess whether agencies effectively manage their cyber security risks.

April - June 2019 Contribute now

Family support and child protection system

The objective of this audit is to assess how effectively Queensland government agencies work together for the safety and wellbeing of Queensland children.

July–September 2019 Contribute now

Addressing coal workers' pneumoconiosis (black lung disease)

The objective of this audit is to examine how effectively the public sector entities are addressing coal worker’ pneumoconiosis (black lung disease) by implementing the recommendations from: Monash Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, Review of Respiratory Component of the Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme, July 2016; and Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis Select Committee, Inquiry into the re-identification of Coal Worker’ Pneumoconiosis in Queensland, May 2017.

August–October 2019 Contribute now