Reports to parliament

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We produce reports to promote accountability and transparency in government. Our reports are tabled in parliament and contain the results of our financial and performance audits.

All of the reports we table are also available on the Queensland Parliament website. Please visit their website or contact us if you would like access to an earlier report.

Results of audit: education sector entities 2015 (Report 18: 2015-16)

Education and Housing

This report summarises the results of the seven Queensland public universities and their controlled entities; the eight grammar schools; and a small number of other education-specific entities that have a 31 December financial year end date.

This report also looks at an area of control focus - risk management - across the university sector, using our risk management and maturity model. The model can be found at Appendix H of the report, page 64.

Results of audit: local government entities 2014-15 (Report 17: 2015-16)

Local Government

This report summarises the results of our financial audits including the timeliness and quality of financial reporting, assessments of internal controls, and financial sustainability of the 77 Queensland local governments (councils). The report contains good practice guidance on related parties and audit committee work plans. It highlights asset management as a significant financial reporting issue.

Queensland public hospital operating theatre efficiency (Report 15: 2015-16)


This report examines how effectively 39 of Queensland's 51 public hospitals are managing their 221 public operating theatres to deliver emergency and elective surgical services. We analysed whether the systems and practices they use to manage, monitor and report on their theatre efficiency are effective.

Volume Two with report provides the metrics for each of the Hospital and Health Services. The metrics for each individual Hospital and Health Service is also provided.

Queensland state government: 2014-15 financial statements (Report 10: 2015-16)

Education and Housing
Central Agencies and Financial Services
Water and Infrastructure
Community Services
Local Government
Energy and Natural Resources

The financial statements for the state of Queensland are required to be audited each year, and an independent audit opinion expressed thereon.

This report provides further information on the results of the audit beyond the independent audit opinion, including assessment of factors impacting on the financial sustainability of the state and the financial impact of natural disasters.